Friday, January 21, 2011

(Aimee started this blog a few days ago, but never finished)

so tomorrow i start chemo. but let's start with today....

i had a CT w/ contrast at 6:45am. i love waking up early (not!) i had to drink 2 bottles of glue-like stuff that tasted like perfume. one bottle the night before, 1/2 a bottle at 5am, the other 1/2 at 6am. thank you nolan for waking up and preparing it for me :-) what would i do without him??

and of course they gave me another glass of it when i showed up at the hospital! just when i thought i was done with the glue...

CT went great, then we went over to get an echo for my heart.

next stop, dr. poisson's office. whew, what a day. and all before 9:30!

yesterday, i spent 3 hours trying to get a PICC line inserted, but to no avail.... bummer. means i will have to have a radiologist do it tomorrow. i'm sure i will blog about this 3 hour experience in the future because it was not fun. but it is for another day. 

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