Thursday, January 6, 2011


a couple of pictures from my biopsy today. lets just say it wasn't pleasant. and they weren't able to get the sample they needed. long story. so nevertheless i head to the hospital tomorrow to do a CT guided biopsy. which is a wonderfully long needle that will go all the way into my chest this time. i'm not exactly looking forward to it, especially after today. i'll spare you the details ;-)

they are having me go for another blood test before the biopsy tomorrow to test how i bleed? something along those lines. the dr also gave me a rx for a valium tomorrow to take before the biopsy hahaha. so i will be plenty calm.

i found out today that the mass is not in my lung (i misunderstood) which is a good thing!! it is compressing my lung, which is why i get so short of breath.  so that is good news. the mass is 16cm x 11cm. so bigger than my fist. hey..... go big or go home (lol)

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