Sunday, January 23, 2011

breathing a little deeper

so its been awhile since i have been able to blog, and i don't know how much time i have today. so this may be short.

i have to get a new picc line today, the one i have is failing. it is right in the crook of my elbow, and i can't immobilize my right arm (i am right handed after all!) also they do not like the "type" of picc that was inserted. so i will be getting a new type.

they have me on so many fluids right now that i gained 12lbs yesterday (WHOA!) i woke up and my face looks i got stung by a bee (and no, i will not be posting a picture of this)

so they gave me a drug in which i will be peeing like crazy to try and get some of this excess fluid out of my body. i guess this is why they have a sign outside my door saying "weigh everyday"

today is day 3 of chemo. and i am handling it well. tomorrow is when they add two extra drugs to my chemo that are a lot more intense. they can have some scary side effects, but they will be monitoring me very closely.

the only stomach problems i am having are from the steroids. which is also adding to my puffy face. i am NOT a fan. the steroids release extra stomach acid, so it isn't nausea, just upset stomach. which they have given me something for. the chemo really wears me out, i keep asking Nolan, 'who parked the truck on my face.'The steroids cause my whole face including my eyes to become really heavy. i fall asleep very often. on a positive note, the steroids make be really chatty.... it is quite funny.

the day i was admitted i had my PET scan, which showed that the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else. and my bone marrow biopsy came back negative!! so, all good news! i am officially diagnosed as stage 2B. the doctor said he couldn't justify putting me at stage one because the mass is just so stinking big! but i am happy with this diagnosis.

this is going to be a whole lifestyle change. asking everyone who see's me to first come in and wash their hands/ or use purell. asking people to remove their shoes. i can't be around plants, or fresh cut flowers. even house plants. because of the bacteria in the soil. if i cannot cook and peel a fruit or vegetable, i am not supposed to eat it until we know my white blood cell count is sufficient.

but everything is going well. on another positive note it seems that the mass is already getting smaller. this does not effect the fact that I have a long, difficult road ahead, but i am breathing better already. i don't sound like farm animal every time i take in a breath. i can't take a full deep breath yet, but i will soon :-)

will update again when i have more time...


  1. That is great! Will definately keep praying for no side effects and total dissappearance of that mass!!

    Praise Jesus!!!

  2. New at posting.

    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. Jeremiah 1:5

    Love, Eurlinda Sandys

  3. Aimee, I was so excited this morning when I read this post. We serve an awesome wonder working God! The fact that the cancer has not spread, the mass is dead inside and is already shrinking are huge reasons to PRAISE THE LORD!!!! He is definitely at work and we can see His handywork all over this! We will continue to pray that you tolerate the treatments and get stronger as you are able to breathe better! We love you! "Take heart, daughter,' he said, "your faith has healed you." And the woman was healed from that moment. Matthew 9:22 NIV

    Love, Tammy Hotch

  4. Just read this out loud to Tim. We are Soooo glad to hear the good news! Thanks for taking the time to share your difficult journey. Glad to walk through it with you all in prayer. Wish none of it was happening, but we rejoice with you at the sound of any good news. May God continue to provide for your every you guys!