Saturday, February 5, 2011


i never thought i would say this..... but i am going bald at the ripe old age of 22. hair is everywhere. it even follows me like i can save it. hair in the bed, hair on a chair, hair on the floor, and don't forget the shower drain.... (sorry dad!)

i'm not sad to be rid of my hair..... i will be saving so much money on hair supplies;-)

but if it doesn't all fallout by tomorrow, i am shaving it. being proactive?

i know i will have mixed feelings about being bald, and i'm sure i'll cry here and there. but when i am going through a chemo treatment and i don't have to deal with my hair..... i will be smiling.

in fact i will probably feel sorry for everyone who has hair, they have to do it , wash it, dry it, style it.... and i just get to sit back and enjoy my baldness. and then a wonderful shampoo commercial will come on and i will probably sob like a baby.

which comes to crying..... man it has been happening a lot... for no reason. (well besides the whole cancer thing.) nolan posted some of my drugs earlier, which i take around the clock (gag me.) i mean really, i don't feel like waking up at 5am to take another pill. but they all have to be spread out, and ruin my life :-) but im sure they aren't helping me stay emotionally stable.

i have a nice gallon size baggie full of rx's that i take with me everywhere. because who knows when that nice alarm on my phone is going to tell me to take the next one. i probably look like a freak walking down the street (which i don't actually do) carrying a zip-lock bag full of pills. i'm sure i look like a creeper.

the first week after chemo was the hardest. physically and emotionally... i'm not sure why.... but it may be due to the fact that i still have poison in my system. i'm going to ask the doc about this before out next round..... which falls sometime around valentines day (ahhhhh)

but as of right now i am feeling good. and hopefully it stays this way. because i don't like blogging about my bad days (which is why there weren't any for awhile)

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  1. Hi Aimee
    Dont worry crying is part of the whole thing its the steroids trust me Id cry out of the blue for no become and emotional wreck not because your sad just because your body is being taken over but so many things ...but its just part of the process..Do you have any wigs? or beanies? I have a few I could supply to you if you need. your are being so strong it makes me smile to see heart is with you sweetie